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New Fibre Glass Flat Roof

This project involved the complete removal of an old leaking roof with a new fibreglass flat roof & UPVC black soffit replacement to the terrace of brick-built storage sheds.

The existing flat roof had deteriorated severely, resulting in multiple leaks. Subsequently, the supporting timbers, insulation and plasterboard had all rotted.

All timbers were replaced to create the new roof structure before applying a fibreglass roof solution & UPVC black soffits, for a maintenance-free roof solution. This was then finished with UPVC black soffits and new guttering. Once the roof had been completed, the storage sheds were plasterboarded and skim-plastered prior to painting.

The fibreglass roof solution was advised for our client over a felt roof option to provide a more robust and longer-lasting replacement. This is in addition to a more attractive finish to the units.

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